Finca Sophia Coffee LIMITED RUN

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Finca Sophia Coffee LIMITED RUN


Extremely Rare Coffee Beans
• Central American Coffee
• 113 grams (4 oz)
• Brews 4.6 cups

Tasting Notes
Peach, papaya, oolong tea, and roasted almond.

Country: Panama
Region: Nueva Suiza, Volcan
Producer: Brooke McDonnell, Helen Russell, Willem Boot
Farm: Finca Sophia
Altitude: 6,250-7,000 feet
Variety: Gesha
Process: Pulp dried

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Learn more about this extremely rare coffee

Finca Sophia is a coffee farm co-owned by Equator Coffees. The farm is located in the highlands of Panama at an altitude that tops 2,100 meters, making it the highest farm in Central America. Founded in 2008, Finca Sophia is planted exclusively with the rare and celebrated Gesha variety. Pairing this legendary coffee variety with the extreme altitude at the farm, yields a one of a kind coffee. In 2016 our first harvest of Finca Sophia was selected as a Good Food Awards winner. If that wasn’t enough, this past season, Finca Sophia won the prestigious Best of Panama coffee competition, in the highly competitive Washed Gesha category. With this award, Finca Sophia now ranks as one of the best coffee farms in Panama.

A note on processing: although the coffee was processed like a washed coffee, pulped and dry fermented, the fruit mucilage was never actually washed from the beans before drying. According to new Specialty Coffee curriculum, this coffee would therefore be classified by the term Pulp Dried, meaning the fruit pulp was allowed to remain on the bean during the drying process rather than being washed off. This hybrid method borrows elements of both washed and honey processes but, isn’t technically either.