Ethiopia Sidama Ardi


Ethiopia Sidama Ardi


12oz Bag of Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes
Vanilla, lavender, and sweet lemon

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji, Borena Hagermariam District
Producer: Nardos Coffee
Altitude: 5,800 feet
Variety: Sidama Heirloom
Process: Sun-Dried Natural 

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Ardi is a coffee that is grown in Southern Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. Coffee farming is the main source of income for the approximately 3,000 people who live in this area and contribute the coffee that makes up Ardi. The inspiration behind this coffee’s name comes from the discovery of Ardipithecus Ramidus, the oldest hominid skeleton ever found. The fossil, dubbed Ardi, is 4.4 million years old and was unearthed in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley, which is where the Guji Zone lies and this coffee is grown. Sweet, fruity natural processed Ethiopian coffees such as this often change people’s perception of what coffee can taste like; similarly Ardipithecus Ramidus has changed the perception of human evolution, as it is believed the species could be a link between modern humans and our distant ancestors.